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Property Managers: Here are 5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Resident Satisfaction

Any intro business class will tell you that the most direct way to increase profits is to increase revenue. When you take in more money, you take home more profit— simple as that.

So how do you go about increasing revenue as a developer, realtor, or property manager? It’s actually rather simple as well: sell more product. And it’s much easier to sell product when your residents are happy with the product they’re getting.

Satisfied residents are more likely to invite guests, tell people about their experience, and take pride in their homes, all of which means more potential customers learning about your product.

So how do you go about increasing resident happiness? Here are 5 easy ways:

#1: Solve maintenance problems before they start

If your residents never notice things like leaky pipes, excessive humidity, and water damage, then they’ll have nothing to complain about. Everyone has had those aggravating experiences with maintenance staff: you notice a problem, leave a message, and then you have to deal with the problem yourself for a week before anyone does anything about it.

Catching these problems before the symptoms start to show is the best way to maintain resident happiness. With automatic water valve controllers, for example, you can shut off the water in your building as soon as a leak appears, meaning you won’t be wasting water by running a burst pipe. Better yet, you can stop water from escaping into the walls and carpet, keeping your building clean and your residents happy.

#2: Make communicating with building staff effortless

Sometimes, a problem will slip through the cracks, and a resident will notice. That’s okay. It happens, and everyone knows that. What will truly stand out to your residents is if you can respond to their needs quickly and effectively.

Allowing residents to text, email, call, or use an app to communicate with staff shrinks the time needed to solve problems, and it means issues can be addressed even when residents and staff can’t meet face-to-face.

Your residents will love living in your building if they know that you won’t ignore them. By streamlining communication between your residents and your building staff, you can make sure your residents feel comfortable and safe in their homes.