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Now you can be, where you aren't!


Aware Buildings' Annunciator is a compact, touchscreen communication device that allows for contactless and timely communication with residents and staff by way of verbal announcements and on-screen memos, available in 6 different languages.


Use the Annunciator to provide your staff with time-sensitive, system status messages such as a leak detection event or other mechanical equipment malfunction. It can also be used to provide personnel with regular, vocal task reminders - like to clean and sanitize the lobby or encourage social distancing. Additionally, it can be used to brief residents of any building relevant policies and updates.

The Annunciator is the solution to accessing/sharing information right when you, your staff, and your residents need it. Place it at your front desk, in your office, in your lobby, or any other area with a valid WiFi network connection and receive/transmit instant notifications that help inform and instruct your community.

With our quick self-install option, your Annunciator solution can be up and running in minutes. Contact us today at



  • $400 per annunciator + required data service fee

  • At least 1 annunciator per room of deployment is needed

  • The data service fee is a minimum of $100 per month, billed annually

  • The data service fee is $50 per annunciator per month

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