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Making the open and shut case for better door security

Aware Buildings' Door Activity, or Aware-DA is a solution with the ability to monitor the usage and status of doors throughout your building - from industrial, to garage, to the standard hinged door. Aware-DA works by way of contact, so they are intuitive and easy to install, battery-operated with a 3+ year battery life, and take only a few minutes to configure and deploy.

The Door Activity Sensor Solution can provide real-time usage patterns, email/text notifications for accessed doors, provide open/closed status, emit verbal warnings or alerts if equipped with our annunciator, and so much more! 

Additionally, it can be used:​

  • to monitor access to hazardous goods like cutlery drawers and cleaning supply cabinets

  • as a back-up system for safes and other lock boxes

  • as an additional security measure for windows

Industrial Warehouse Door.jpg


  • $70 per sensor + $250 per hub + required data service fee

  • At least 1 sensor per door is needed

  • The number of hubs can often be determined after reviewing your floor plan, but a physical site survey may be required.

  • The data service fee is a minimum of $100 per month, billed annually

  • The data service fee is $5 per sensor per month, and $50 per hub per month

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