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Aware Fitness Center, or Aware-FC is a fitness center management system that reports real-time equipment availability information to both residents and management using our custom, self-installable, electronic sensor solution.

Residents have a modified view of the fitness center data through the BuildingLink Resident mobile app and desktop site, and can also access the information via Google Home and Amazon Echo products. They can quickly and easily learn what equipment is available before heading to the gym, and get comfort-status details like whether it is too warm or too crowded.


Management is offered comprehensive analytics about things like equipment usage, monthly trends, most frequented gym times, and more!

Aware-FC provides management with real-time data visuals to help optimize their fitness facility. The solution can help with determining what fitness equipment is most preferred by residents, what day/time is the most crowded, how hot or humid the facility is, and when to rotate your machinery to ensure even wear.


Additionally, the Fitness Center Solution can:


  • Be paired with our sound sensor and annunciator for facilities with a "no weight clanging policy"

  • Be attached to non-electric machines like free weights, bench presses, and other gym equipment that emit perceptible movement when in use

  • Provide weekly data summaries delivered via email to a defined recipient or recipients ​



  • $70 per sensor + $250 per hub + required data service fee

  • At least 1 sensor per piece of exercise equipment is needed.

  • At least 1 hub per fitness center is needed, assuming it is not multilevel and all equipment is within 150 feet of the hub

  • Sensors can be fixed to machinery and/or free weights.

  • The data service fee is a minimum of $100 per month, billed annually.

  • The data service fee is $5 per sensor per month, and $50 per hub per month.

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