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Whole-Building In-Apartment Leak-Detection Is Now A Reality

Introducing: LoRaWAN

Among the various sensor solutions that Aware Building has pioneered for the last 6 years, we have been working diligently on an effective, reasonably-priced solution to Whole-Building Leak-Detection – that could cover dozens of apartments, and even 1,000+ sensors - based on the "smart building" industry-standard protocol: LoRaWAN.

LoRaWAN makes it possible to distribute dozens, hundreds, or even a thousand wireless leak-detector sensors into your building’s apartments, common areas, mechanical rooms – and to be alerted immediately when a leak occurs.

Up until now, implementing a sensor solution involving hundreds of sensors relied upon LOCAL wireless technologies – with ranges of 50-100 feet. Technologies like WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and Z-wave required the installation of many local gateways (several per floor) throughout the building, and also demanded complicated pairing and provisioning of sensors. But with BuildingLink’s adoption of LoRaWAN, it is now possible to deploy with only a few gateways, and sensors that require nothing more than simply being turned on. It is an exciting, cost-effective, and powerful technology solution.

Detecting your Water Leaks Early On is Key to Damage Mitigation

As you know, water damage is the single biggest insurance claim area in residential buildings, and insurance costs and minimum deductibles for water damage coverage has been skyrocketing! A number of our clients - who have had significant water claims history - find that they cannot get insurance at any price, and are basically self-insuring. Fortunately, there is a better way to control water leak liabilities – and we believe that Aware Building's “Whole-Building Leak-Detection” solution is the answer!

Where does your building incur its water damage? Well, wherever it is, our leak sensors can be deployed there! In bathrooms, underneath sinks, dishwashers, and washing machines, in PTAC units or water heater closets, in your mechanical rooms...anywhere! Where leaks and damage can occur, our sensors can monitor - for water presence, as well as changes in humidity and temperature.

Whole-Building Detection - Cost Considerations:

What does it typically cost to outfit a building with leak sensors? In addition to a one-time cost of acquiring sensors (typically $60-$70/sensor), and LoRaWAN gateways, there is a small monthly fee. You can deploy a small cluster of 15 sensors in a mechanical area for as little as $100/month, and 800 sensors (4 per apartment, for a 200-unit building) for $2,000/month. With a single water damage claim averaging $12,000, and many claims exceeding $100,000 (not counting all the time and headaches of repair and restoration), whole building leak sensors make sense!

Have a leak problem you would like to solve? Let's get the conversation started!


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