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Aware Buildings' Temperature and Environmental Solution is comprised of IoT sensors that allow you to determine the atmosphere of particular location in your building to help avoid damage to your moisture and temperature sensitive assets.

Aware-TE can provide insights that help you discover information, like whether a room has been insulated correctly. This sensor solution can be used in mechanical closets, server rooms, on riser pipes that are at risk of freezing, or to analyze the variations in an environment where stability is vital.

The Temperature and Environmental Solution provides you with a data dashboard so you can better visualize patterns in the variables you are monitoring. Aware-TE is also non-invasive, wireless, and provides alerting features based on the thresholds you define.



  • $70 per sensor + $700 per hub + required data service fee

  • At least 1 sensor per asset is needed

  • The number of hubs can often be determined after reviewing your floor plan, but a physical site survey may be required.

  • The data service fee is a minimum of $100 per month, billed annually

  • The data service fee is $5 per sensor per month, and $50 per hub per month

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