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Aware Buildings' Leak Detection, or Aware-LD is a moisture and leak detection solution that is used for monitoring, measuring, and mitigating water damage. It is comprised of a collection of water proficient, self-installable sensors, and an automatic shut off valve controller that we tailor to each building and use case.

Our leak detection sensors operate via LoRaWan technology, which allows for reliable, building-wide deployment.


Additionally, clients have the option to opt for partial deployment if their area(s) of concern(s) are localized, or would simply like to initiate a smaller installment before committing to a building-wide installment.

Configure your sensors to send audible messages to your front desk staff with our annunciator add-on option, receive text and email alerts, and receive your aggregated analytics right on your Aware Buildings dashboard.

Hear a sample leak alert message. (Sent to your phone, or the Annunciator speaker box.)

use cases

Rope Sensor

Detects water presence via the leak and moisture detection rope. The rope can be manipulated around appliances, pipes, along perimeters of concern areas, and other irregular shapes/locations.

In-Wall Humidity Sensor

Monitors humidity patterns, and detects anomalous spikes in-wall via the sensor probe. The body of the sensor remains outside of the wall, while the probe is minimally invasive. 

Contact & Water-Level Sensor

Detects water levels that exceed customer defined water level thresholds.


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  • Equipment purchase: $70 per sensor + $300 per valve controller + $700 per hub + required data service fee

  • Recommended: At least 1 sensor per area of concern, and at least 1 valve controller per water line.

  • The number of hubs can often be determined after reviewing your floor plan, but a physical site survey may be required.

  • The data service fee for monitoring, alerting, and analytics for Leak Detection sensors is typically $2 per sensor, $15 per valve controller, and $50 per hub, per month, billed annually. There is a $100 per month minimum.

  • Existing customer implementations range from 10 sensors deployed in maintenance and common areas, to over 3,000 sensors deployed ensuite (15 sensors per apartment!) We tailor our proposal to your needs.


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