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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonial # 2 - Miranova.png

About The Building: 100-unit luxury high-rise in Columbus, Ohio.

Deployment currently includes in-unit sensors in high-risk resident units (due to many claims from leaks as a result of washing machines, ice machines, dish washers, sinks, etc…)

“When I first started working with the BuildingLink team, surveys were being sent out to property managers about what they’d like to see. I suggested leak detection and I was so excited when Aware announced what it was doing - that it’s integrated with BuildingLink, and all tied into this one platform. It is SO helpful. When we originally wanted to look at leak detection, I told the staff here “Let’s wait for BuildingLink. They’re going to do something here. I have faith because of what BuildingLink is and has been and will continue to do for us.

I scoped out other companies….they just give you the hardware alone, and leave it to the customer to figure out set-up, and connect them all to WiFi. Aware’s advantage is the technology itself, along with the foresight and understanding and investment from their team members, to allow for hundreds, or thousands, of sensors in the building, without needing that WiFi connection across all of them.

And with Aware sensors, the data is accessible on BuidingLink, so it’s constantly babysat, and the dashboard is always available to view. There’s no need to have the maintenance team constantly monitoring the sensors, taking time out of their work days.

The customer service has never, ever disappeared. It's tied to BuildingLink, it’ll always be here; we’ll never let go of it. I recommend it to every building manager. The overall leak detection project is going to cost about $115,000. The cost of a condo is about $350,000. So, the cost of the entire, building-wide system is less than a 1/3rd of the cost of 1 condo. It’s totally worth the cost to preserve 70-80 million in real estate.”

                            - Property Manager

About The Building: 29-story, 77-unit luxury residential co-op in San Francisco, built in 1963.

Deployment includes building-wide coverage, including resident units and units under construction.

"In August of 2008, this building had a water leak from a bidet, from the 10th floor to the lobby. It destroyed $10-$12 million in damage, including 2 apartments that needed to be demolished, and 7 others that needed construction. There was an insurance claim on our end. The final settlement came in spring of 2012. Insurance covered a lot, but we still spent hundreds of hours figuring out short-term solutions. 2 families lived in hotels for over 2 years, waiting for recovery.


Additionally... minor things, they happen all the time. They eat up $10,000 here and $5,000 there, and are not covered by insurance because they are maintenance. Aware has been extremely helpful, because its “smart”. There is more intelligence in terms of what is going on. We're able to catch not just the catastrophic events, but the smaller events that cause issues over time. The “hassle” piece is owned by us - building management - and homeowners. Less hassle positively effects a LOT of people.

The product helps you get in FRONT of the problem. A tenant who is away for a few weeks, might walk into his apartment, and find a leak! Without Aware sensors, the drip would’ve grown, mold would have accrued, it would've damaged surrounding apartments. With Aware, even without the tenant home, we could find out early, and save and prevent these problems and take action. This product is the actionable insight into things you NEED to know about."

                                      - Property Manager

Customer Testimonial #1 - Royal Towers.png
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