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"See" your way to operational excellence, with easy, camera-based analytics

Aware Computer Vision, or Aware-CV is a visual solution with the ability to measure and monitor your trafficked areas by way of one or more camera-enabled computing devices.


Aware-CV puts five sophisticated computer vision (CV) tools at your fingertips to be deployed to help you learn more about your building's operations:  Object Counting, Traffic Counting, Object Placement, Skeletal Tracking, and Heatmap.

Object Detection/Counting:

Pick from a list of "x" objects and set Aware-CV in counting mode (for example, to discover the # of people in an exercise class) or detection mode (for example, to be alerted when a dog or suitcase comes into the building or out of elevator).

Object Detection

Object Detection

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Traffic Counting:

Drag lines accross your screen and let Aware-CV count the number of people crossing each line in either direction.