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Your "set it and forget it" environmental curator


Be alerted to sudden changes in temperature, fluctuating humidity, or excessive exposure to sunlight, that can silently erode the integrity and value of your cherished artwork.

Aware's Art Guard sensors can be deployed easily (whether one or two per room, or on every painting) and work silently in the background, day and night, summer or winter, whether you are at home or away. You specify the desired thresholds and they will watch over your collection, sending alerts when action is required and displaying easily understandable data trends that could point to problems with your HVAC or other environmental systems. 

Now you can have your own museum-grade monitoring system for your artwork in an extremely affordable and very user-friendly package.

With our quick self-install option, you can have one less thing to worry about as soon as this week. Contact us today at

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  • $70 per sensor + $700 per hub + required data service fee

  • At least 1 sensor per piece is needed

  • The number of hubs can often be determined after reviewing your floor plan, but a physical site survey may be required.

  • The data service fee is a minimum of $100 per month, billed annually

  • The data service fee is $5 per sensor per month, and $50 per hub per month

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