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I'd like to trim down the 'rope' on the leak rope sensor. How can I safely do this without damaging anything?

It's OK to cut the rope, as long as you seal the exposed copper wires. Copper corrodes/oxidizes easily! 

Sealing the rope could be done with brush-on electrical tape - as long as it is a liquid (not standard electrical tape)! Other options would be a shrink wrap cap or hot glue-gunning the end-cut area.

My leak sensors don't seem to be reporting...

Questions to consider before contacting Aware support:

  1. Was the gateway moved or replaced?

  2. Was the sensor moved from its original position?

  3. Has the sensor been subjected to large amounts of humidity or moisture?

  4. If you have a range extender, is it currently plugged in, and does the screen turn on when you push the right button?

  5. Is the internet working correctly?

My leak rope sensors don't lay down flat against the ground.

If your leak ropes do not lay flat on the ground, you can purchase a "hockey puck" disc weight, which can be placed on top of the ropes to flatten them out! To place an order, reach out to the team.

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