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IoT Simplified

Created with the needs and budgets
of the busiest building managers in mind.

Water can be a problem.
Don't let it be yours. 

Aware Buildings' wireless sensor network.

Now you can finally do something about costly, recurring, destructive water leaks in your building.


Whether you are bothered by random leaks in mechanical rooms, equipment areas or common spaces, or are struggling with large insurance deductibles from leaks emanating from or flowing through resident apartments, we can help with Aware Buildings' wireless sensor network.


Our customers have deployed as few as 20 wireless sensors, and as many as 3,300 wireless sensors in their buildings, and they work. They find a catch leaks of all sorts before the damage escalates. 

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Have a problem with your building you want to solve?
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Getting started is easy.

Building Managers simply scan their sensors using their own mobile device; name them in the Aware app, then place them wherever needed.


Once a network is available they are up and running in hours providing building staff with alerts in real time.

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24/7 real time alerts.

Our solutions are simple to implement, cost effective and non-intrusive.

Key features.

  • Long-range LoRaWAN wireless communication.

  • Cellular back up enabling immediate deployment.

  • 10 year+ battery life (configuration dependent).

  • Integration with automatic shut off valves. 

  • Sensors can be easily added to the network to perform other monitoring tasks besides leak detection. 

  • Cross platform alerts: text, email, Aware app or annunciator.

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columbus, oh

A 100-unit luxury high rise in Columbus Ohio with ongoing water leak claims as a result of HVAC component failure and condensate pan overflow, washing machines, ice machines, sinks, and other areas. ​


Aware Leak Detection was installed in targeted tenant areas to monitor potential leak sources. Aware detected and prevented 6 leaks in 60 days saving thousands in costly damage and clean-up.


san francisco, ca

A 29-story 77-unit luxury residential co-op in San Francisco built in 1963, facing persistent leak issues throughout the building, deployed Aware Leak Detection for comprehensive building-wide coverage.


A total of 12 leaks were detected within the first 6 weeks of deployment, allowing on-site staff to act immediately to prevent catastrophic damage from cascading through multiple floors.​

From the team that brought you BuildingLink*

We are experts in the emerging field

of in-building, reasonably-priced wireless sensors networks and solutions.  It’s a very exciting time, because we are finally able to do for buildings, very inexpensively, the types of things that traditional players like Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Siemens charge a lot for.

Beyond leak detection we offer a full range of other plug and play wireless solutions to help better protect and manage your building

BuildingLink is a trademark of

A growing range of solutions.

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