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My FC sensor battery level is low. What do I do?

If FSK Old Sensors (Square sensors using CR123A Batteries): Depending on the quality of the case, pop off the cover, and replace with new CR123A batteries. Or replace entire site with newer FSK sensors by contacting Aware Support.

If FSK New Sensors (Rectangle shaped with screen): these sensors require 2 AA Lithium Batteries.

My FC hub is down. How do I get it back up and running?

Step 1: Check the power connection to the hub (the screen will light up on touch if the hub is connected to power). If the Hub does not turn ON, contact Aware Support.

Step 2: Check if the hub is connected to the internet by either:
            a) ensuring the ethernet cable is properly connected to the hub,
                and the cable has an active connection to the internet.
            b) ensuring that the Hub is connected to WiFi, and that the WiFi
                has an active connection to the internet. This can be achieved by
                observing the status of the Hub on the screen

Step 3: If Step 1 or Step 2 did not resolve the issue, turn the Hub OFF and then ON - making sure that the hub restarts. Contact Aware support if this was the case, for a closer examination of your hub.


My sensor doesn't seem to be reporting data...

Does the screen turn on by pushing the right button? If yes, it might be a range issue. Verify signal strength, move closer to hub. In rare cases, you would need to start the pairing process again.

Screen does not turn on? Verify switch is in the ON position, which is closest to the center connector. Nothing? Replace batteries. If that doesn't do the trick, contact Aware Support.

Questions to consider before contacting Aware support:

  1. Was the hub moved or replaced?

  2. Was the sensor moved from its original position?

  3. Has the sensor been subjected to large amounts of humidity or moisture?

  4. If you have a range extender, is it currently plugged in, and does the screen turn on when you push the right button?

  5. Is the internet working correctly?